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How to embed the Cookie Solution on a Ucraft site

Once you’ve integrated the privacy policy on your website made with Ucraft (which also includes the cookie policy if you’ve activated it) you can complete the configuration by embedding our cookie management solution to [1] display a fully customizable cookie banner, [2] collect cookie consent and [3] implement prior blocking, as required by the Cookie Law.


To install the Cookie Solution you’ll need to modify the HEAD of your site, a Ucraft premium feature available only on their paid plans. More info here.

First, go to your iubenda Dashboard and click on [Your website] > Privacy and Cookie Policy > Edit. You’ll notice a Cookie Policy box in the right column.

Activate cookie policy

Click on Activate cookie policy and Save changes: your cookie policy will be generated automatically based on the configuration of your privacy policy.


The Cookie Solution requires that you link to a cookie policy from you banner as legally required. If you have the cookie policy feature activated on your iubenda account, the Cookie Solution automatically integrates your cookie policy into the solution once the option is selected.

If you already have your own cookie policy, you can add the link in the advanced view of the Cookie Solution configurator (see below). Simply select Custom under Cookie Policy > Cookie Policy URL. More info on the Cookie Solution advanced guide.

Click on Generate now under Dashboard > [Your website/app] > Cookie Solution.

Cookie Solution - Generate a cookie banner

This will take you directly to the configuration panel of your cookie banner.

Cookie Solution - Configuration of the cookie banner

Once customized as you like, Save and Copy your Cookie Solution snippet.

Cookie Solution - Embed the cookie banner

Now go to your Ucraft dashboard and select your Site settings.

Ucraft - Site settings

Click on the Code Injection tab.

Ucraft - Code Injection

Paste your Cookie Solution code snippet in the Before </head> tag section, click on Save and you’re done (the code will go live once you’ve connected a Custom Domain to your Ucraft website).

3. Block cookies

Few categories of cookies are exempt from the consent requirement. Therefore, almost all scripts that install or can install cookies must be preemptively blocked before consent is obtained.

To set up the prior blocking of scripts, see our guide on blocking via manual tagging or explore other methods outlined in our general introduction to the prior blocking of cookies.

Manage cookie consent for your site made with Ucraft

Generate a cookie banner

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