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5 Reasons Why We Host Your Documents

When using our service, you’ll never be required to copy and paste your documents — instead, we host your documents and keep them safe. Here are 5 reasons why this is the best option:

  1. You can make changes to all your documents across all your sites/apps at any time (and at no additional cost) from your dashboard. Adding a new analytics tool? Update the privacy policy in one click and have the update spread across all your websites and apps, across one or multiple languages.
  2. Our team of international lawyers constantly monitor and release updates to the legal texts. From time to time laws and third-party requirements are amended and updated; by hosting your documents, we can ensure that your documents always meet the latest requirements. Minor changes, such as Google’s privacy policy URL needing to be updated, are released automatically. For major changes, we always warn you in advance.
  3. Your development team doesn’t need to be involved each time you need to make a change to the documents. You can easily make direct changes to your documents from within your dashboard.
  4. Hosting gives you multiple integration options. You can opt for our JavaScript widget, or use our API for a fully integrated, white label and customizable experience.
  5. The documents are hosted on a top-notch content delivery network known for its speed and reliability. We also give you the additional option to access documents via our API if you’d like to cache them within your own application.

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