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Can I remove the “iubenda hosts this page” disclaimer

The wording “iubenda hosts this page and collects some personal data about userscannot be removed from the privacy and cookie policies generated with our online service because iubenda itself is configured as a third-party service integrated into your website or app and, as such, by law must be mentioned.

If you want more information on the data collected by iubenda, you can consult this guide: What iubenda tracks and what it doesn’t track.

To avoid having to insert this wording in my documents, can I copy/paste the privacy/cookie policy text into my site?

It is not possible to copy/paste the documents generated through our online service as our terms of service do not allow it. You can read more about this here: Can I copy and paste the privacy policy’s text into my website?

Listed below you can find the integration methods available for the documents generated through the iubenda online service:

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