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What Is the Difference Between the Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator and the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution?

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator and the Cookie Solution are two different but complementary services. Let’s see when they are required and how they work, or jump directly to the section on the difference between the Cookie Policy and Cookie Solution.

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

The privacy policy, or privacy notice, is a document in which the data owner (the person or entity that runs a website/app) outlines the methods and purposes of its data processing to Users – ie users who visit or who use the website/app.

If a website/app collects personal data, the Data Owner must inform users of this fact by way of a privacy policy. All that is required to trigger this obligation is the presence of a simple contact form, Google Analytics, a cookie or even a social widget; if you’re processing any kind of personal data, you definitely need one.

The cookie policy is a section of the privacy policy dedicated to cookies. Cookies are able to track user behavior and are therefore a potential privacy risk. Our cookie policy details the purpose of the cookies’ installation, names the third parties who install or may install cookies through the website and provides links to said third parties’ respective privacy policy and possible consent forms.

The privacy and cookie policy generator allows you to create a customized privacy and cookie policy for your website/app in a few clicks without the need for technical or legal skills. These solutions are currently available in 11 languages: Italian, US English, UK English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch and Danish.

For further information on how to get started with generating a policy, see the following guide: How to Generate a Policy.


iubenda allows you to generate a privacy policy for free, but with certain limitations. To remove all the constraints of the free license you can purchase a Pro license for the price of $27 per year. The license is valid for a single website/app and one language. For example, if you need a privacy policy for a single website in two languages, you will need to purchase two Pro licenses. From 4 licenses on, we recommend the purchase of our Multi-license plans.

Please note: The cookie policy feature requires Pro License.

Visit our full pricing page for further information.

Integration methods

Once generated, the privacy policy can be integrated to the website/app, by choosing one of our integration methods.

Please note: once integrated, the privacy policy must be accessible from every page of your website/app, by for example including a link in the footer.

Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

The Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution is a complete solution for meeting the technical requirements of the cookie law as required by Italian and European regulations.

How the cookie policy relates to the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

The Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution requires that you link to a cookie policy from your banner as legally required. If you have the cookie policy feature active on your iubenda account (as described above), the Cookie Solution automatically integrates your cookie policy into the solution once the option is selected. Otherwise, if you already have your own compliant cookie policy, you can simply insert your own link here.

The Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, once installed, allows you to manage:

  • The display of the cookie banner at each user’s first visit. See Banner and prior consent – setup and customization for more information.
  • The legally required blocking of scripts prior to obtaining user consent. See the following guide: preventing code execution that could install cookies
  • The asynchronous reactivation (with no page refresh needed) of the previously blocked scripts.
  • The registering of consent after detection of continued browsing (for example, by scrolling through the page or by clicking a link on said page)
  • The storage of the user’s preferences so that the previously seen banner will not be reactivated on consecutive visits by the same users.

The Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution also makes it possible to view statistics on consent which is useful, for example, to study the consents obtained in relation to the total number of visits and the manner in which the consent was collected. Note: Statistics are only available from 300K page views.

For WordPress and Joomla users we released two dedicated plugins that help simplify the integration of the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution within your website/app. The WordPress and Joomla! plugins also simplify some of the operations related to the blocking of scripts.


The Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution will always remain free for websites and apps that generate less than 25.000 page views per month, above this threshold a fee will be required that varies depending on the traffic generated by all the websites on your account (again, by sites that generate more than 25,000 page views per month).

See our pricing page for further information.

Integration method

In order to properly integrate the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution you need to include the script within the <head> tag of your website’s HTML as the first element. For more information, see the Introduction to the iubenda Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution.

Please note: in order to complete the configuration of the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, you will also need to set up the prior blocking of scripts. See this guide for further information.

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