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Must I Repeat the Process of Adding Services for Every Language in Which I Generate the Policy?

If you own a multilingual site or app it is not necessary to do so.

For any previously generated privacy policy (for example in English) iubenda allows you to add a translation in one of the available languages (Dutch, US English, UK English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Danish and Spanish).


The translation will present the same data controller and the same list of services of the “original” version, except for any custom services that you may have written, which, as it was written by you, will have to be recreated by you for the new language. You may choose to use tools like DeepL or Google Translate to help you here (though we recommend that you consult with a native to make sure that the translations are ok).

The translation can be added by clicking on the “Add language” button in the “Manage languages” box, in the right column of the privacy policy edit page:

Add one or more languages to your documents

Alternatively, you can add one or more languages to your documents on your site/app page (dashboard > [your website]):

Add one or more languages to your documents

Any change made in any language of the privacy/cookie policy will be automatically added to the other languages (except, as anticipated a little earlier, any custom services).

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