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Video Guides

Get started with iubenda in this walk-through video series. Learn about our major features and how to apply them to make your websites and apps legally compliant.

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The solution to draft, update and maintain your Privacy and Cookie Policy. âžž

Cookie consent management for the ePrivacy, GDPR and CPRA (CCPA amendment). âžž

Easily generate fully customizable Cookie Banner, Privacy Notice and Privacy Controls, store proofs of users’ preferences and implement prior blocking with asynchronous re-activation.

Terms and Conditions Generator

The solution to draft, update and maintain your Terms and Conditions. âžž

Record, manage and maintain GDPR consent and privacy preferences. âžž

Centralized dashboard, auto-assigns consent ids & easily integrates with website forms.

Internal Privacy Management

The solution to easily document all the data processing activity within your organization. âžž