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How to Display the Cookie Lifetime in Your Cookie Policy

Following the European Court of Justice’s ruling on the Planet49 case, it’s very likely that the various EU Data Protection Authorities will soon match the Court’s decision. This likely means requiring website and app owners that use cookies and trackers, to display cookie lifetime details in their cookie policy.

To comply with this recommendation, you’ll need to specify how long the cookies you use – directly or through third parties – are active before they expire (cookies generally last for a determined amount of time).

In both the case of first-party or third-party cookies, iubenda can help.

Firstly, once you’ve generated your privacy policy, you can activate your cookie policy by clicking on the Activate cookie policy button you’ll find under “Cookie policy” label in the right column of the Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator.

iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator - Activate Cookie Policy

Next, indicate whether or not the cookies or trackers that you use are necessary for the operation or delivery of your service (this includes technical cookies). You can do this by selecting the related option under “Cookie Policy settings”.

iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator - Cookie Policy settings

If you use first-party technical cookies, you can specify a generic maximum lifetime or for each cookie/tracker in hours, days, months or years:

iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator - Cookie Policy settings and cookie lifetime

Similarly, when you add/edit a service inside the generator, you’ll be able to specify the cookie lifetime by a generic maximum for all the cookies in use by that service, or by a maximum for each cookie/tracker used.

For example, Google Analytics:

iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator - Cookie lifetime for third-party services (i.e. Google Analytics)

To find out how long third-party cookies last, you can:

  • use the browser console, or
  • check the cookie policies of the related services.

The result? Your iubenda cookie policy will show the cookie lifetime of the various services in use by your site/app.

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