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How to use the Site Scanner from within the Generator

It’s now easier than ever to identify which services you need to add to your privacy and cookie policies with our in-dashboard Site Scanner.

To access it, simply go to your Dashboard > [click on your chosen website] Privacy and Cookie Policy > Edit > Add service.

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The Scanner button is located at the top of the services window:

iubenda Site Scanner button within the services window

Next, click on the scanner button and enter the address of the website you’d like to scan and click on the “Scan” button.

The Scanner will then perform a thorough check of the website you entered, and will send the scan-report to your iubenda account email address.

The report will highlight any services running on your website which are not included in your current policy.

Furthermore, the services detected are shown directly in the generator.

site-scanner generator

From the scan results box, you can check all the services that are found to be missing in your documents, already selected, and ready to be added.


Our scanner is powerful, but can only scan for technologies that are directly integrated on your site’s pages. You will, therefore, still need to manually add the clauses related to data processing practices like newsletter sending.

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