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Terms and Conditions Generator – Legal Changelog

March 18, 2022

UPDATE We’ve updated our T&C Generator following a requirement introduced by the act for fair consumer contracts in Germany. The changes include a cancellation button/flow requirement and stipulates rules surrounding cancellation after renewal.

To help our users to introduce wording that covers the above, we created a structure that allows users to be as flexible as possible: 

  • they may add exceptions for consumers in Germany to the auto-renewal flow
  • they may extend that exception to all consumers (to reduce complexity)
  • and they may simply use it as a default (if they target consumers in Germany only or if they consider it a good setup in general)

The wording largely leaves the setup of the earlier terms intact. We’ve slightly reworded where necessary. 

We’ve also introduced more warnings that can be displayed at the top of the document to indicate exceptions or auto-renewal that extends the subscription contract tacitly.