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Terms and Conditions Generator – Legal Changelog

October 14, 2022

UPDATE We’ve updated our T&C Generator:

  • Fixed a typo under the Limitations of liability clause in the Italian version (added “accesso” instead of “acceso”).
  • Added in beta (for newly generated terms): Updated the ODR clause (in particular, adding the reference to Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein). This wording makes it clear and specific, that the requirement applies also to Norway, Iceland, or Ireland.
  • Added in beta (for newly generated terms) Created a new ADR section and clause: Users now have the possibility to add an Alternative Dispute Resolution clause (useful if they are obliged by law, contract, or membership of a trade association to use the services of an ADR entity).

Users with existing Terms documents interested in the ADR clause can get in touch and request its rollout to their account or generate a new Terms and Conditions document.

July 14, 2022

UPDATE We’ve updated our T&C Generator:

Fixed a misplaced tooltip in a section of the Italian version of the terms questionnaire, under the options: Use "Fixed-term subscriptions" (subscriptions have a fixed term, then finish) >  Add "Automatic renewal" of a subscription. The issue was removed and fixed for all users, however, it has no impact on the documents.

May 27, 2022

UPDATE We’ve updated our T&C Generator:

  • We fixed a typo that had a verb spelled incorrectly in the US version (fulfill vs fulfil). Corrected to be in line with US spelling and the rest of the document.

May 25, 2022

UPDATE We’ve updated our T&C Generator:

  • We fixed a section in the Dutch version of the terms under the severability clause. All new terms will get the fixed version. Already generated terms will get the update rolled out as soon as they make a change.

May 20, 2022

UPDATE We’ve updated our T&C Generator:

  • Several typos and minor tooltip/text changes. 
  • Changed the document title in Dutch from Voorwaarden van [Project Name] to Algemene voorwaarden van [Project Name]

March 18, 2022

UPDATE We’ve updated our T&C Generator following a requirement introduced by the act for fair consumer contracts in Germany. The changes include a cancellation button/flow requirement and stipulates rules surrounding cancellation after renewal.

To help our users to introduce wording that covers the above, we created a structure that allows users to be as flexible as possible: 

  • they may add exceptions for consumers in Germany to the auto-renewal flow
  • they may extend that exception to all consumers (to reduce complexity)
  • and they may simply use it as a default (if they target consumers in Germany only or if they consider it a good setup in general)

The wording largely leaves the setup of the earlier terms intact. We’ve slightly reworded where necessary. 

We’ve also introduced more warnings that can be displayed at the top of the document to indicate exceptions or auto-renewal that extends the subscription contract tacitly.