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How to Sync Your iubenda Legal Documents with the Consent Database

The Consent Database comes with the option to sync your iubenda legal documents with the Consent Database. This means that if your legal documents were generated using iubenda’s services, you no longer need to manually push each new version of your legal documents to the Consent Database as the documents can now be auto-synced.

To enable, simply go to the Consent Database embed section of your website area and click on the checkbox as described below.

1) Dashboard > [your website] > Consent Database
If you’ve already activated the Consent Database, you’ll see the <>EMBED button as pictured, (if you haven’t already activated, simply click “Activate” and the following screen will appear). Clicking on the <>EMBED button pictured will take you directly to the embed section.

Consent Solution post activation screenshot

2) Next, simply click on the checkbox labeled “Sync your iubenda legal documents with the Consent Database” (pictured below). This enables the sync feature for both Javascript and HTTP API.

Consent Solution embed-screen screenshot

3) Lastly, simply copy the modified code and implement according to the guidelines outlined in the relevant guide:

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