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How to add Terms and Conditions on Amazon

Have you set up terms and conditions for your store? It is essential you set out clear guidelines to prevent any misunderstandings and protect yourself from any liabilities.

We’ll go through exactly why you need terms and conditions, what to include and how to add iubenda’s terms and conditions to your Amazon Store. We’re going to help make this process as simple and easy to do so that you can get back to what’s important and be ready to launch within no time! 

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Though they’re not always legally required for other types of businesses, terms and conditions are often mandatory for online stores.

That’s because they contain legally mandated information about the conditions of sale and disclosures on methods of payment, shipping, delivery, withdrawals, cancellation conditions, etc. – as commonly required by consumer protection regulations.

Even if you run a small shop on Amazon, you should define your terms. It’s for your own good.

Here’s an example European users generally have 14 days to send back what they’ve bought, it’s called “right of withdrawal”. If you don’t correctly inform users of their rights, the withdrawal period is legally extended to 1 year and 14 days!

Do you want to save time, money, and stress? Yes? Then, a proper terms and conditions agreement is needed for your Amazon store!

As your Amazon site is unique to your activities and services what you need to include in your terms and conditions may differ from someone else’s. However, it is important to note that there are a number of clauses that are standard for almost every website’s terms and conditions.

  1. Identification and description of your business
  2. User guidelines that clearly state what is acceptable use while visiting the website
  3. Disclaimers and limitation of liability statements

For E-commerce, you should consider essential clauses such as:

  1. Warranty clause, disclose details of your warranty terms
  2. Payment terms clause, about methods of payments and how payments are processed
  3. Withdrawal clause, can include things like the right to cancel an order, make exchanges, returns, and refunds
  4. Delivery information where relevant
  5. Any store-specific terms that may apply – here you may choose to add information related to any deals and promotion codes you may offer (unique to your Amazon store).
  6. It is also imperative you clearly display accurate contact details for your company in your terms and conditions.

    ⚠️ Many of these terms, such as warranty and withdrawal information, are legally required.

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How to add iubenda’s Terms and Conditions agreement to Amazon

Once you’ve generated your Terms and Conditions agreement with iubenda you need to integrate it on your Amazon. You can do this by adding a direct link to your site that will then lead your users to your iubenda Terms and Conditions document.

To get started first head over to your iubenda dashboard, click on [Your website] > Terms and Conditions > Embed

How to add Terms and Condition on Amazon

Next, to add a direct link click on > Use a direct link > Terms and Conditions > COPY

How to add Terms and Condition on Amazon

After that, go to your Amazon Developer Portal

Go to the “Apps and Services” tab, then click on the “My Apps” page and select your app’s name 

How to add Terms and Condition on Amazon

Next, go to content rating and scroll down to the bottom of the page 

⚠️ NOTE: When following the instructions below, you must copy your iubenda code. Do not copy and use the sample code shown in this guide.

How to add Terms and Condition on Amazon

Lastly, add a link to your terms and conditions link in the Privacy Policy URL field, then click Save

How to add Terms and Condition on Amazon

You’re done! You’ve just successfully added your terms and conditions to your Amazon Developer!

💡Not sure what privacy documents you need for your Amazon? Do this quick quiz to see which laws apply to you and your business. 

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