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How to Edit your Terms and Conditions

You can access your iubenda dashboard and make changes to your terms and conditions at any time at no extra charge. Moreover, there’s no need to repeat the integration process as the changes will be applied remotely.

In order to edit a document, access your dashboard and select the site or app that you’d like to edit the terms for by clicking on it or on the Manage button. Next, click the Edit button in the Terms and Conditions section.

Terms and conditions - Edit document

Customize existing clauses or add new ones, save and you’re done.

How to change the URL of the site or the name of the app

It can become necessary to edit the title of an iubenda generated document, either because you’ve changed your site’s URL or renamed your app.

This edit is easily done at any moment from your account:

  • enter your dashboard and click on the site you want to change the name of;
  • next, click on the Edit button on the right of the site or name of the app to modify
Terms and conditions - Edit your information

Enter the new name, save changes and you’re done.

For information on how to duplicate an existing site please see here

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