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Limits of the Free Plan

iubenda’s Free Plan offers a great compliance starting point for websites that have under 5,000 page views per month. However, please remember that the Free Plan comes with some limitations.

Legal documents for your website and app under the Free Plan: 

✅ What’s included in the Free Plan: 

  1. A Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator with thousands of ready-made clauses, each with its mapping of cookies and trackers.
  2. Legal documents autofill based on the characteristics of your site or app.
  3. Legal documents auto-update as the law or requirements change.

⚠️ Limitations:

  • You can list up to 4 third parties or clauses in your privacy and cookie policy. 
  • There are limited third-party clauses available. 
  • Your documents will show full iubenda branding
  • Your documents are available in one language only
  • Terms and conditions are not included.

Please note: Under the Free Plan, you can not add custom text to your privacy and cookie policy, and additional data input such as data retention and security measures is not included.

Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution 

✅ What’s included in the Free Plan:

  1. A consent notice that follows the highest standards of compliance.
  2. Privacy controls, including opt-out controls.
  3. Easy integration, including plugins for the main CMSs.
  4. Database log for all consent or opt-out actions.

⚠️ Limitations:

  • Up to 5,000 page views per month. Extra Usage is not available in this plan. 
  • Style customization is limited
  • Your consent notice will show full iubenda branding
  • Your consent notice is available in one language only

Please note: Under the Free Plan, mobile app integration, geolocation consent, detailed analytics, and the cookie consent paywall are not included. Our automatic feature to recover users that reject marketing tracking is not enabled. 

Compliance scanning

iubenda’s powerful and thorough compliance scanning feature is available for all plans. However, please note that on the Free Plan, your compliance scanning will only happen once every 6 months. 

Other limitations of the Free Plan

The ability to record and manage consent and privacy preferences for each of your users through our Consent Database and our Register of Data Processing Activities to record processing activities are not included or available to access in the Free Plan. 

If you believe there is a problem that is not related to any of these limitations, contact us at info@iubenda.com to receive further support.

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