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What iubenda Does and Does Not Track

Using our privacy policy software implies having a third party integrate into your site. This post explains what kind of data is and is not tracked by iubenda.

  • If you’re using any of the various embedding methods for our privacy policy service, our codes do not track any data about your site or app; we don’t even know how many times our code is loaded on third-party web pages. We only have some very basic analytics from our CDN on the total calls it receives.
  • When a user opens the page of our website that hosts your privacy or cookie policy no data is actually tracked either. In fact, it is possible to verify this yourself by noting that we don’t have any analytics tool installed in the code of that page (this wasn’t always the case, as we had an internal JS-based analytics tool until June 2015 yet we removed it after restructuring). To read more about the type of data iubenda tracks, read our Data Processing Agreement here.
  • When you use our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution to comply with Cookie Law, we track the daily count of events generated by our tool and summarize them in a dashboard which enables you to view the number of users who consent to the installation of cookies.

Please note: our Cookie Analytics are available for Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution plans starting at 300K pageviews per month. Check out the full pricing for further information.

If you would like anything clarified, we’re always happy to help at info@iubenda.com.

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