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Black Friday 2023

It’s that time of year again!

Are you worried about protecting your business from the horde of frazzled holiday shoppers this Black Friday? Don’t be. Check out our tips below then click the button to start generating, and customize the perfect Terms & Conditions for you – with 30% off.

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Black Friday Do’s and Don’ts

DO stick to the facts. If you compare your prices with your competitors’, be honest with potential customers.

DO limit your liability with solid T&Cs. Avoid being held liable by angry last-minute shoppers.

DO customize. Copy/pasting terms from a template is easy, but they might not reflect your specific business needs.

DO set out clear delivery terms and a return policy. It’s the best way to deal with an avalanche of orders and protect yourself from disappointed customers.

We thought of one last BIG “ Do”👇

DON’T label a discount as “limited” or “for a limited time“ if it actually isn’t.

DON’T raise the price of a product for a short time and then lower it as a “discount.“ (That’s deceptive pricing!)

We thought of one last BIG “Do” 👇

DO use iubenda to get your Terms & Conditions right!

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