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Email Opt-in: How to Implement Double Opt-In and Simplify Email Marketing Consent Collection with iubenda’s Newsletter Opt-in Booster


When setting up an email marketing strategy, it’s crucial to grasp the principles of email marketing compliance.

Obtaining explicit consent or permission from users to receive promotional emails, newsletters, or marketing emails from a particular sender ensures that recipients have willingly subscribed to receive content and contribute to a healthy sender reputation.

Email “Opt-in” generally refers to a scenario where users manually fill out a form or click a checkbox on a form to confirm their permission to receive emails. Once this is done, they’re signed up and will start getting emails.

With Double Opt-in, it’s a bit different. After users fill out the form, they get an email asking them to confirm their subscription. They need to click a link in that email to verify their email address and officially join the list. Only then will they start getting emails.

While there’s no strict legal requirement to have a double opt-in process, yet, it’s considered best practice in many countries, especially Germany and in the EU in general. This method helps to ensure the email address receiving the communication actually belongs to the person giving the consent and hereby further ensures avoiding high unsubscribe rates.

Email opt-in is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that recipients are genuinely interested in the content being sent to them, leading to higher open and click-through rates. Secondly, it helps businesses comply with regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CAN-SPAM Act, reducing the risk of legal repercussions. Additionally, opt-in emails contribute to building a more targeted and engaged subscriber base, resulting in more effective marketing campaigns and better ROI (Return on Investment).

💡 Explore legal obligations related to newsletter content 👉 Click here to learn more!

With the iubenda Newsletter Opt-in Booster, businesses can streamline the process of collecting and managing consent for email marketing while staying compliant with data protection laws.

This tool integrates with iubenda Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, allowing businesses to obtain verifiable consent for newsletter subscriptions and create a consent record directly in the iubenda Consent Database. With features like double opt-in email confirmation and sync with the Consent Database, businesses can strengthen the legal compliance of their email practices while enhancing their marketing efforts.

Using the tool is simple:

How it works

1. Activate the Newsletter Opt-in Booster

From your iubenda Dashboard, simply click on “Activate

activate now

Please note:

  • The Newsletter Opt-in Booster requires the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution to be configured and embedded to function.
  • You will be redirected to the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution configuration before proceeding with the sign-up form embedding.
Privacy Notice vs Privacy Policy

Once you click Configure Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, enable the “Newsletter Opt-in Booster” in the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution configuration settings.

Privacy Notice vs Privacy Policy

2. Customize the Newsletter Opt-in Booster

  • Once activated, adjust settings such as text copy and positioning to align with your website’s design.
  • Keep in mind that the widget automatically aligns with the styling of your Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution.
  • Then, simply click on “← Back
Privacy Notice vs Privacy Policy

3. Embedding the signup form

iubenda’s Newsletter Opt-in Booster seamlessly integrates with the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution setup.

  • For new implementations:
    • If you’re setting up iubenda’s Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution for the first time, the snippet will automatically include the necessary code to enable the sign-up form.
  • For sites where the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution is already integrated:
    • If you already have iubenda’s Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution implemented but would like to use the Newsletter Opt-in Booster, you’ll need to re-embed the snippet to incorporate the updated code with the Newsletter Opt-in Booster tool.
Privacy Notice vs Privacy Policy

Clear instructions will be provided in the embedding section to guide you through this process.

Integration with email marketing tools

When a new subscriber signs up through the Newsletter Opt-in Booster, their information is captured within the Consent Database. However, to ensure they receive future communications, their consent status needs to be manually exported from the Consent Database and imported into your email marketing tool of choice. This ensures seamless communication with your subscribers.

Subscription process for end users

  • Your site visitors will interact with the sign-up form on your website to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • They’ll provide their consent by filling out the form and confirming their subscription.
Privacy Notice vs Privacy Policy

⚠️ Important: Double-Opt-In Confirmation

When someone uses the sign-up form to sign up for your newsletter, they’re not done yet. Next, they’ll get an email asking them to confirm they really want to subscribe. To actually become a subscriber, they need to click on a link in that email. This is an important step, because just putting their email address into the widget isn’t enough to finish signing up. This double-check ensures compliance with double opt-in best practices.

Subscriptions dashboard

Once you activate and embed the Newsletter Opt-in Booster, you get access to a subscriptions dashboard (Newsletter Subscriptions), where you can manage and monitor user consent for newsletter subscriptions effectively.

The Dashboard provides several functionalities, including filtering by date range, sorting by type, and exporting subscription data in CSV format. You can use this file to easily upload the data to your email marketing tool. This integration not only provides valuable insights but also enhances coordination with other systems, optimizing your targeted marketing efforts.

Privacy Notice vs Privacy Policy
Privacy Notice vs Privacy Policy
Privacy Notice vs Privacy Policy

You’re all set! By following these instructions, you’ll seamlessly integrate the tool with your website and be able to manage and monitor user consent for newsletter subscriptions effectively, and enhance your marketing objectives.

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What are the different types of opt-in methods?

There are two main types of opt-in methods:

  1. Single Opt-In: In this method, individuals provide their email addresses and other necessary information directly into an opt-in form on a website or through another channel. Once submitted, they are immediately added to the mailing list without requiring any further action. While single opt-in is quick and convenient for users, it may lead to a higher risk of fake or mistyped email addresses being added to the list.
  2. Double Opt-In: With double opt-in, individuals go through an additional step to confirm their subscription. After submitting their email address through an opt-in form, they receive a confirmation email asking them to verify their subscription by clicking on a link or button. Only after this confirmation step is completed are they added to the mailing list. Double opt-in helps ensure the accuracy of the subscriber list, reduces the risk of spam complaints, and demonstrates a higher level of engagement from subscribers.