Can I Remove the Statement: iubenda Hosts This Page and Collects Some Personal Data About Users?

No, you can’t remove that wording because if you are using the online service, iubenda represents another third-party service which is integrated within your website/app and thus that should be disclosed as well (of course you are required to do that by law). If you are looking for more information you should refer to this guide: What iubenda tracks and what it doesn’t track.

If you are interested in understanding why it isn’t possible to copy/paste the documents generated through our online service, please refer to the following: Can I copy and paste the privacy policy’s text into my website?

Listed below you can find the integration methods available for the documents generated through the iubenda online service:

Custom assistance service

This rule can only be circumvented in the case where you use our custom assistance service. In that case, you are allowed to copy/paste the text of the document into your application/site and thus you may freely eliminate that statement. For further information about our custom assistance please drop us a line

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