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Mobile Apps Privacy Policy Editor

iubenda’s privacy policy generator is now available for app developers



Making the app ecosystem privacy policy compliant is placed high on California AG Kamala Harris’ privacy agenda. Iubenda makes it easy for developers to keep up with the requests made by several legislations and governmental privacy organizations.




-No need to adjust to screen sizes, no need to adjust to other OSes. Generation, embedding, done
-Our privacy policies help developers become compliant across app stores in no time
-Flexible embedding options (link, embed into mobile view)
-Hosted in the cloud. Can be changed remotely anytime
-No lawyer-type fees, lawyer-crafted privacy policies for developers
-120+ ready-made clauses that can be added to a project within seconds
-Multiple languages ready (English, Italian, while German/French/Spanish/Portuguese are in immediate pipeline)




#1 Being privacy regulation compliant is a necessity in many countries, app stores are enforcing the use of privacy policies more strictly now that AG of California has reached an agreement with the main 6 players (Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Research in Motion, make up over 95 percent of the market) to make the app ecosystem compliant with the California Online Privacy Protection Act.

#2 Non-compliance may cause hefty fines ranging up to $2’500 for every time an app has been downloaded.

#3 Privacy policy crafting is either expensive, time-consuming or impossible to master for people not immersed in the matter. Iubenda’s offer is: $27/year and keeps the remotely hosted privacy policy legally up to date.



for WHOM

Developers and designers who need assistance in creating a privacy policy for their apps, websites or Facebook apps.




1. Sign up
2. Add app name
3. Add data operator info (who owns the app)
4. Add modular clauses (e.g. choose Google Analytics from index)
5. Add custom clauses if needed
6. Get link, done.