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Beware of this common mistake when collecting consent

Do you need to use newsletter sign-up forms? Do you want to send marketing emails?

These are scenarios where you need to collect consent from users. Let’s look at one common mistake that may result in non-compliance (and ultimately, fines!).

Do not make this mistake ❌

If many remember to collect consent for their marketing forms, there’s an additional step that is usually left out but equally important…

👉 Don’t forget to keep proof of consent collected!

GDPR not only sets the rules for how to collect consent, but also requires companies to keep a record of these consents. It means that you must be able to provide proof of the following:

  • when and how you got consent, and
  • what users were told at the time.

How do I fix this? ✅

This is quite technical, so the best way to fix this is to use dedicated software.

🚀 The iubenda Consent Database simplifies the process of making your forms GDPR-compliant by helping you to:

  • easily store proof of consent, and
  • manage consent and privacy preferences.

💡 Expert Tip

With our Consent Database, you can look at each individual subscriber, see when they opted in, and which form they used to do so.

Collect consent for your forms

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