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Targeting Minors in the US? Here’s 1 Thing you Have to Know

Are you the owner of a website or an app whose service collects, uses, or discloses personal information from children under 13?

If yes, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires you to follow specific guidelines.

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🔍 Disclose specific information in your privacy policy

Here’s one central requirement you need to be aware of: a COPPA-compliant privacy policy. It has to:

  • describe the types of personal information processed online from children, the purpose, and the way it’s handled;
  • list all third-party operators (i.e. social plugins, widgets, and ad networks);
  • describe parental rights in relation to their child’s data and the procedures to follow.

This is quite technical 👉 How do I handle this?

Failure to comply with the COPPA regulations can result in heavy fines.

🚀 To easily disclose legally required information regarding children, use iubenda’s Privacy Policy Generator:

  • create your customized privacy policy in minutes;
  • add our dedicated and comprehensive COPPA clause;
  • install it on your website!

💡 Expert Tip:

Do you also need to comply with the European GDPR?
iubenda’s solutions are compliant with both US and EU laws. Ain’t that great?

Comply with US children privacy laws now!

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