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🎯 Make your site compliant with new U.S. Privacy Laws

2 new US privacy laws become effective on January 1st:

👉 CPRA in California
👉 VCDPA in Virginia
Colorado, Connecticut and Utah are next.

🚀 With iubenda, you can meet these regulations & receive automatic updates to stay on top of what comes next.

📌 What is required for 2023? 

These U.S. laws require you, among others, to:

  • Provide your users with a Privacy Policy including specific details. For example, you now need to disclose some additional information, such as new users’ rights and describe your data processing practices.
  • Enable your users to opt out of the processing for certain purposes (sale, targeted advertising and sharing, among others).
  • VCDPA only Enable your users to opt-in to the processing of their sensitive data, for example, geolocation data.
  • CPRA only Show users the required notice at collection to inform them, among others, about the categories of personal information that are collected, the purposes of collection, and whether this information is sold or shared.
Does it apply to me?

  • VCDPA applies to organizations that conduct business in Virginia or provide products/services to Virginia persons.
  • CPRA is an amendment to the CCPA and adds new requirements for legal entities that gather personal data from California residents.
  • Not doing business in Virginia or California? Be aware that privacy compliance is becoming increasingly popular among legislators. New laws will soon be enforced in other states. With iubenda, you comply with existing requirements and automatically receive updates to stay on top of future regulations.

How do I comply?

Use iubenda! Starting at $29/year for an auto-updating Privacy Policy, plus our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution is free for up to 25K page views/month.

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