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Abandoned Cart Email Templates 

Did you know online shoppers abandon their cart 88% of the time before making a purchase? That suggests that your sales figures might only be tenths of what they could be! The good news is that you can help change that with an abandoned car email. 

While you might not be able to convince everyone who abandoned their carts to complete the checkout process, it’s worthwhile sending them a nudge to give it a try! 

In this post, we’ll look at how email marketing-powered abandoned cart emails can help you win back lost customers. We’ll then provide you with some tips and templates, so you can create one for yourself! 

What are abandoned cart emails?

An email that is sent to clients who have added items to their shopping cart but have not checked out is known as an abandoned cart email.

The email serves as a pleasant reminder to customers who may have been preoccupied and failed to complete their purchase. It’s a surprisingly successful strategy used by online retailers to retain customers and boost sales.

Why use abandoned cart emails? 

As mentioned above, abandoned cart email are an essential tool for any e-commerce business looking to recover lost sales and increase conversion rates. So for example, abandoned cart emails convert at an average of 18.64% which is higher than the average store conversion. That’s why this method is used as a strategy by lots of successful online retailers.

Abandoned cart emails and the law

When it comes to abandoned cart emails and law, essentially, you need to:

  • Make sure you have permission for marketing emails. In Europe, your users should opt in. If your users are based in the US, CAN-SPAM may apply. While they won’t need to opt in, they must be allowed to opt out. More here →
  • Respect customer rights. If the user opts out, do not continue sending emails. 
  • Keep valid consent records (required under laws like the GDPR)

👉 Are you using web form for your newsletter signups?

You must store proof of consent in order to make your web form for your newsletter signups entirely GDPR-compliant. Easily collect GDPR consent and document opt-ins for your web forms with our Consent Database →

It’s crucial to keep in mind that customers must opt in; simply asking them to uncheck a box that has already been checked is not sufficient. 

With other laws, such as in the US, while you’re not always legally required to keep consent records, there might be some exceptions, especially when minors are involved. In some cases, they might be required to opt in. That’s why having consent records is always a good thing, as it allows you to comply with the law and better protect your business. 

It’s quite likely that your emails already feature an unsubscribe button. Remember, unsubscribing should be as easy as possible; a one-click unsubscribe button is far preferable to a link to send an email requesting to be removed from the list.

Every abandoned cart email needs to contain three things

  1. A reminder of what they’ve abandoned;
  2. Persuasive email copy; and finally
  3. A call-to-action (CTA) button — so they can easily make their way back to the cart to complete their purchase 🤑 

Abandoned cart email strategy tips

Here are some tips for creating effective abandoned cart email templates:

🤝 Personalization: 
Personalization is key to making your abandoned cart emails stand out. Use the customer’s name in the subject line and throughout the email to create a more personalized and friendly experience.

⏰ Timing: 
Timing is critical when it comes to abandoned cart emails. You want to send the first email within a few hours of the customer leaving their cart, while they are still considering the purchase. It is recommended to send a follow-up email 1–2 days later, to give the customer a second chance to complete the purchase.

👀 Visuals:
Including images of the items left in the cart can help to remind the customer of their purchase and increase the chances of a successful transaction.

🏷 Incentives: 
Offering incentives such as discounts, free shipping, or exclusive offers can be a powerful motivator for customers to complete their purchase. Make sure to clearly state the terms and conditions of the offer, and set an expiration date to create a sense of urgency.

➡️ Call to action: 
As mentioned above, make sure your abandoned cart email includes a clear and prominent call to action, such as a link to complete the purchase or a discount code to use at checkout.

🎯 Branding:
Consistent branding is important in any email campaign, including abandoned cart emails. Make sure your emails have a similar look and feel to your website and other marketing materials, to create a consistent brand experience for your customers.

🚀 Pro Tip! Another great marketing strategy for improving your sales is e-commerce User Retargeting and AI Chatbots.

Abandoned cart email template

Here’s an example of an abandoned cart email template:

Subject Line: Don’t miss out on your items in your cart, [Customer Name]

Dear [Customer Name],

We noticed that you left some items in your cart on our website. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, but we wanted to remind you of the amazing items you have waiting for you.

[Include images or descriptions of the items left in the cart]

To make it even easier for you to complete your purchase, we’re offering [insert incentive, such as 10% off or free shipping]. This offer is only available for a limited time, so be sure to complete your purchase soon.

Don’t miss out on these amazing items. Simply click the link below to return to your cart and complete your purchase.
[Include a clear and specific call to action, such as “Complete Your Purchase Now”]

Thank you for choosing our website, and we hope to see you again soon.

Best, [Your Name or Business Name]

Do you send emails as part of your marketing strategy?

Find out what the legal requirements are for drafting, sending and requiring consent for your newsletter:

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