Cookie Policy Management in Different Languages

The iubenda Cookie Solution is available in a multilingual version. You can therefore manage banner and cookie policy visualization in English as well as in the other languages included in the generator (Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Portuguese). Here’s how:

  • Access your dashboard:
  • Select the privacy policy for which you want to activate the multilingual Cookie Solution
  • Check from the “Manage languages” widget on the right that you are on the appropriate page in terms of the language you want to modify, eg. Italian.
  • Then in the column on the right, click “Enable/Configure cookie policy”, just like you did for the original language at which point a new policy will be generated as per the requirements of your privacy policy.
  • The configuration will be identical to the one generated for the Italian language: you will be provided with a code and a link. The code must be placed on every page of your website, preferably within the HEAD tag. You can choose whether to insert the link on your website (it is entirely optional, because a link to the cookie policy is automatically inserted in the privacy policy created with our service).

If your website is multilingual, remember to insert all of the banner visualization codes inside the HEAD tag, namely a different code for each language.

How to manage the cookie policy in other languages through our WordPress plugin

In WordPress, other languages can be managed through the WPML plugin.

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