How to Anonymize Google Analytics and Avoid the Cross-Referencing of Data

This article outlines the conditions under which the Italian data protection agency allows Google Analytics to run without prior blocking of the code and more importantly without the display of a cookie banner. This can serve as a rough guideline for other countries. Though we suggest to check with your local authority first.

To limit costs related to the use of Google Analytics (and the need to prepare and display a banner, to block Analytics code before obtaining user consent and to send notification to the Guarantor, in particular) it is necessary to anonymize the Analytics IP (if you want, you can read our guide on the subject) and prevent Google from combining data collected through Google Analytics with data obtained from other Google products.

This article is about the second constraint required by the Guarantor in order to ensure that Google Analytics cookies are not subject to legal requirements, in other words it is the procedure to prevent Google from “cross-referencing” information from Analytics with other data in its possession.

To comply with this requirement it is necessary to change the settings of your Google Analytics account in order to disable permissions related to “Google products and services”, “Benchmarking”, “Technical assistance” and “Account expert”. Here’s how:

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account:
  • Click on Administration on the top menu
  • If you manage multiple Analytics accounts, choose the desired account from the pull-down menu on the left
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Remove the check mark from the sharing settings as shown in the image below

For more information, please read the official Google Analytics guide.

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