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Stay Ahead of US Privacy Laws

360° compliance solution

Stay Ahead of U.S.
Privacy Laws

With iubenda, you can meet existing regulations & receive automatic updates to stay on top of what comes next.

Trusted by over 90,000 clients in 100+ countries

Staying compliant with privacy laws has never been easier

iubenda’s 360° solutions help you stay up to date and compliant with privacy laws in the US, Europe, Australia or Brazil.

WHICH are the new U.S. Privacy LawS?


The California Privacy Rights Act

Effective from July 1st, 2023


The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act

Effective from January 1st, 2023


The Colorado Privacy Act

Effective from July 1st, 2023


The Connecticut Data Privacy Act

Effective from July 1st, 2023

Utah, Indiana, Montana and Tennessee are next

powered by an international legal team

We help make your site or app compliant in minutes.

Our solution has been reviewed and approved both by our in-house team of lawyers and by trusted third-party law-firms internationally.

Get Compliant in Minutes

Provide your users with a Privacy Policy including specific details. For example, you now need to disclose some additional information, such as new users’ rights and describe your data processing practices.

Enable your users to opt-out of the processing for certain purposes (sale, targeted advertising and sharing, among others).


Enable your users to opt-in to the processing of their sensitive data, for example, geolocation data.

CPRA only

Show users the required notice at collection to inform them, among others, about the categories of personal information that are collected, the purposes of collection and whether this information is sold or shared.

How do I comply?

Set up your project

Go to your dashboard, create a new project (or select an existing one) and enable Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator + Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution.

Within the Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

Either generate your U.S. Privacy Policy or update your existing policy by clicking “Enable disclosures for users residing in the United States” to activate the new US-specific clauses.

Within the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

Once you complete the previous step, the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution will auto-configure to meet the new US requirements allowing your users to opt-out. If you are not using our Privacy Policy, simply select the regions where you’re based while configuring the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution.

Does this apply to me?

These new laws add requirements for legal entities that gather personal data from California, Virginia, Connecticut and Colorado residents. Not doing business in these states? Be aware that privacy compliance is becoming increasingly popular among legislators. New laws will soon be enforced in other states. With iubenda, you comply with existing requirements and automatically receive updates to stay on top of future regulations.

Is Iubenda for me?

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iubenda provides an easy way to generate privacy policy to comply with all international privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, etc. Plus, once you generate privacy policy you can easily keep it updated as things change. iubenda stays on top of the laws around the world, so they adjust and add more stuff to help users comply with new laws.

Viktor N., CEO

Like many when you’re building a mobile and web application development business you need to get things moving quickly and without hassle. iubenda offers that and simplifies the legal matters.

Michael S., IT System Engineer

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