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Keep your site in line with changes to Swiss Privacy Laws

FADP Compliance Solution

Keep your site in line with changes to Swiss Privacy Laws

Our powerful software can help you avoid steep fines and protect your customers’ rights.

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What changed with the Swiss FADP?

The original Swiss Federal Act on Data Privacy went into force way back in 1992.
The new FADP contains a slew of changes that we’ve updated our software to address, including:

Private persons in your organization could now be directly sanctioned for violations.

The label “sensitive personal data” now applies to more types of data, including biometric and genetic data.

You must inform users before collecting sensitive personal data or data subject to high risk profiling.

Certain business will now need to keep a register of data processing like our Register of Data Processing Activities solution.


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All of our plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee. For as little as $5.99/mo. you get the feature-packed legal solution trusted by customers in 100+ countries.

Our cutting-edge technology covers tons of global privacy laws.

A decade of experience means our expert team serves your specific compliance needs.

Get an FADP-compliant Privacy Policy, customizable based on 1,900+ clauses and available in multiple languages.

Add Privacy Controls to your site or app with just a few clicks, with embedding options to match your brand.

Map how you use customer data with Internal Privacy Management

Our Cookie Consent Solution lets you customize your site’s cookie banner and track user consent for sharing sensitive data.

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Swiss law doesn’t apply to you?

Our 360° platform helps you comply with major privacy laws worldwide, not just in Switzerland. Over 400k websites use iubenda to navigate data laws in the United States, Brazil, the European Union, and more.

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