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iubenda’s New Pricing: Simpler Compliance, Better Value!

New Simplified Pricing: A Win-Win!

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  • Game of Thrones premieres on HBO

  • Cookie banners aren’t even a thing

  • A startup by the name of iubenda introduces its first product: a Privacy Policy Generator with a “Pro license” to unlock all features


  • GoT has been off the air for years

  • Cookie and consent banners are essential for almost any business

  • The iubenda suite serves the compliance needs of 100k+ users all over the world

When we first launched iubenda in 2011, the compliance landscape was entirely different: the Cookie Law hadn’t been enacted, and we were still seven years away from the introduction of GDPR, while US privacy laws were few and far between.

Fast forward to today, and the old “Pro License” isn’t enough to get access to all the features you need to be compliant. Our new pricing structure aims for transparency and to boost compliance for most businesses.

For less than €60/year, the new Essentials Plan includes:

A privacy and cookie policy customizable with up to 20 of our 1,800+ pre-drafted clauses

A powerful custom cookie/consent banner for your site to collect and manage cookie/privacy preferences

A cookie consent log to keep track of your cookie consents (now required in the EU)

That’s it — let’s leave shenanigans, tricks, and lies to GoT

Wait. . . I already had all this with the old pricing, right?

Right — but you would need a Pro License, plus an upgraded Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution plan for the cookie consent log. You would need to spend about 170€/year, all in. Now, with the Essentials Plan, you get both of these legally required tools for less than 60€/year.

Old Pricing

Started at €27/year. . . upgrade to €170/year to meet today’s legal requirements

New Pricing

Multiple legal requirements covered by the Essentials Plan for less than €60/year