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For EU Whistleblower Directive Compliance


Simplify whistleblower reporting and management with iubenda

With our tool based on the EU Whistleblower Directive, employees can submit reports from anywhere on any device, and you can manage the entire whistleblowing process from one convenient dashboard. We make it easy.

EU Whistleblower Directive
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Set up and use your Whistleblowing Management Tool in three easy steps

Activate and embed/print

Activate the tool from your iubenda dashboard, and embed the reporting form where your employees or other potential reporting persons can access it. Print the included QR codes to link directly to your form as well.

Get notified of reports

When a report is submitted, your Whistleblowing Manager gets an instant email notification, while the anonymous reporting option keeps whistleblowers’ identities a secret.

Process reports and follow up

Your Whistleblowing Manager can view the details of the report in their dashboard and follow up when appropriate. Real-time updates mean you stay informed of each report’s status throughout the entire process.

Accept and process reports without breaking a sweat

The iubenda Ultimate Plan gets you whistleblower directive compliance and much more.

What are the key features?

Quick setup

From your dashboard, activate the whistleblowing tool. Add your form wherever you need it, and start collecting reports instantly — it’s that easy.

A comprehensive dashboard

Navigate to the all-in-one dashboard to monitor and manage incoming reports. Filter, sort, and focus on the details most crucial for your organization’s compliance.

Detailed reports

Delve into each report’s specifics. Gain immediate access to necessary details, while ensuring a confidential communication channel for whistleblowers.

Anonymous reporting

Encourage transparent communication without compromising personal data. Create an environment where whistleblowers feel safe and respected when raising concerns.

Live status updates

Stay in the loop with every report’s journey. Real-time updates allow you to monitor developments, ensuring prompt and effective responses to raised concerns.

Consistency across devices

Foster a user-friendly environment. Allow whistleblowers to submit concerns from any device they choose, guaranteeing a seamless and familiar user experience.

Want to tackle more than whistleblowing?

We don’t just do whistleblowing compliance. iubenda’s experts have built a full-featured platform that covers compliance with international privacy laws in Europe, Brazil, and the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any EU-based company with 50+ employees has to comply with the requirements of the directive or face penalties. The whistleblower directive also lays out rules for local authorities serving over 10k people.

IMPORTANT: Even if your company is based outside the EU, if you have an EU branch with at least 50 employees, it also needs to comply with the directive.
First, introduce a reporting system like our new Whistleblowing Management Tool. We simplify all the required confidentiality and secure data processing. Next up — educate your employees about their rights and how to make a report. Our printable report forms with QR codes and cross-platform consistency make that easy too. You also need to let reports be filed anonymously and protect a reporting person’s identity if they choose to include their information when reporting. Anonymous Reporting is bundled into your forms with iubenda. Last but not least, establish firm anti-retaliation policies, uphold fair investigations, and back whistleblowers whenever challenges arise.
It’s a simple form option. Protecting whistleblowers’ data and respecting their anonymity is written into the directive, so make sure you have a secure solution like what you get with iubenda. Our reporting tool lets individuals choose Anonymous Reporting while filling out a form. Since no personal data is collected, there’s no risk of identifying the person making the report, and your dashboard shows only the necessary details to act on the report.
Our ready-to-use form includes multiple options for reporting, such as privacy violations, financial misconduct, consumer protection, harassment, environmental issues, and more.