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Individual Licenses on Multiple Subdomains

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You’ve landed on one of our legacy guides that refer to our previous pricing model. For our current pricing details, check out this page.

Our pricing is based on a per site/app/language basis. The reason for this is that different sites/apps usually serve different purposes and projects and thus require a new or different privacy policy.

Therefore people have been unsure whether a single Pro License also covers subdomains.

Here’s the answer:

Yes, the iubenda Pro License for one site can be used to cover subdomains.

However, please note the following: it will depend on how those subdomains are defined. Are they just subsections of a project that belongs together like help.example.com or blog.example.com (and many other possible arrangements that are part of one and the same setup)? In such a case, using the same policy is appropriate.

Problems arise when completely different projects which have little to do with one another and whose data collection practices also differ so significantly that they require different privacy policies.

You must always ask yourself if your privacy policy does what it is supposed to be doing, namely informing users in a way that is reasonable and helps them understand your data collection practices.

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