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Unlock hassle-free compliance with iubenda’s plugins and integrations

Compliance made easy

Unlock hassle-free compliance with iubenda’s plugins and integrations

Discover the effortless way to manage your compliance needs. With iubenda, creating a cookie banner, managing cookie consent in line with GDPR, Cookie Law, and Google Consent Mode is just a few clicks away.

Trusted by 130,000+ clients in 100+ countries

Plugins for all major CMSs

… and many more integrations!

Why choose iubenda’s plugins?

  • Automatic Configuration

    Auto-detect the best configuration for your website and implement it for you.

  • Fully Customizable

    Tailor your cookie banner’s look and behavior to match your website.

  • Autoblocking

    Automatically block the trackers not exempt from the consent requirement, so you don’t have to do it manually.

  • Configuration Based on Geolocation

    Automatically detect the location of your users and apply the correct data privacy settings.

  • Easy-to-use interface

    Easily add your custom scripts and iframes from our intuitive interface.

  • Google Consent Mode Support

    Support the latest version of Google Consent Mode to help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

  • Asynchronous Reactivation

    Enable all previously blocked scripts asynchronously (without reloading the page) once consent has been collected. This ensures a smooth and consistent experience for your users.

  • Granular consent

    Provide your users with granular, per-category privacy control (e.g. Functionality, Experience, Marketing).

  • SEO-Optimized

    Detect bots and spiders and serve them a clean page so that your SEO efforts are never compromised.

  • IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF 2.2)

    Support the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework, which is necessary if you show ads on your website.

  • Platform-specific features

    In addition to the common features, each plugin is optimized for its specific CMS, making it a perfect fit for different websites.

WordPress Plugin: All-in-one Compliance Solution for your website

Much more than just a cookie banner: our WordPress plugin gives you access to our full suite of solutions. With over 100,000 active installations and a 4.7-star rating, our plugin is regularly updated and monitored to ensure you have a seamless experience.

  • Lightning-fast cookie consent management platform

  • Compatible with Google AMP

  • +2000 privacy clauses drafted by a team of expert lawyers

  • Privacy documents are automatically updated when the laws change

  • Cookie Preference Log included

  • Consent Database for GDPR-compliant Record of consent

  • Terms and Conditions Generator with +100 pre-drafted clauses

3 easy steps to compliance

Step 1

Download the plugin

Visit the repository, download, and install iubenda’s plugin on your site.

Step 2

Configure the cookie banner

Customize the banner’s look and behavior, add your logo, or let the automatic configuration do all the work for you.

Step 3

Start collecting consents

Your banner is now up and running! You can start collecting consents, as required by the GDPR and Cookie Law.

Using a different platform?

No worries! iubenda integrates seamlessly with all CMS platforms and custom websites.
All you need to do is copy and paste the code we provide into your website.

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Tommaso D.

Senior iOS Developer

“It’s a good platform to manage consent and cookie policy. Their support is really good.

Federico F.

Senior iOS Developer

“I tried other similar competitor software to be compliant with GDPR. After 2 years, I put all the different GDPR tools together with iubenda, because iubenda has a complete solution (before, I had different tools to cover different requirements).”

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