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Reliable Compliance

Take the guesswork out of online privacy compliance

Generate bespoke privacy and cookie policies, Terms & Conditions, and privacy widgets with lawyer-grade precision, and equip your website or app with everything you need to adhere to major global privacy regulations.

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“If you, like me, are part of a smart team and hate updating your privacy policy every time you add some code to your site, then iubenda is for you. It’s ridiculously affordable, and super easy to use.”


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Over 130,000 clients and +100 countries

A comprehensive compliance platform

Leverage iubenda’s user-friendly tools to easily generate legally required documents and adhere to privacy and data protection standards.

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

Get ready-to-use compliance documents in minutes and seamlessly integrate them into your website or app.

  • Over 2,000 pre-written clauses

  • One-click translation in 15 languages

  • Automatic updates whenever the law changes

Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

Design fully optimised cookie and tracker notices, manage opt-outs, and store consent preferences.

  • Auto-blocking of cookies and trackers prior to consent

  • Opt-out controls when consent is not mandatory

  • Persistent log of consent and opt-out actions

Consent Database

Collect GDPR consents, document opt-ins and CPRA opt-outs.

  • Compatibility with offline documents

  • Synchronisation with your legal documents

  • Visual dashboard for intuitive review

Register of Data Processing Activities

Thoroughly document how your customers’ personal data is managed within your organisation.

  • Over 2,000 pre-designed options

  • Precise area and role identification

  • Integration with iubenda solutions

Get ready-to-use compliance documents in minutes and seamlessly integrate them into your website or app.

  • Over 2,000 pre-written clauses

  • One-click translation in 15 languages

  • Automatic updates whenever the law changes

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Fully customizable

Your trusted online compliance companion

Let us help with the legal requirements, so you can keep your focus where it matters — on your business.

Backed by lawyers

Harness the expertise of an international legal team packaged into a convenient software solution.

Always up-to-date

Stay compliant thanks to continuous updates to the platform and the legal documents.

Easy to integrate 

Integrate quickly into your workflows with comprehensive integration options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our international team of lawyers regularly monitors and tracks changes in privacy laws and regulations worldwide. When laws change, we promptly update the pre-generated clauses in our system to reflect those changes. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your privacy policies, cookie policies, and Terms & Conditions generated through our platform are always in line with the most recent legal requirements.
Our platform is designed to help you comply with major privacy laws and regulations worldwide. These include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive in Europe; the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA), and several other state privacy laws in the United States; Switzerland's New Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP); and Brazil's Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD). We continually update our coverage to include new regulations and requirements, ensuring that you can stay compliant no matter where you or your users are located.
Integration is a straightforward process with iubenda. After generating the required documents or banners using our intuitive tools, you'll be provided with a code snippet that you can easily embed in your website or app’s code. Different embedding methods are available based on your needs. If you need more help, our support team is ready to guide you through the integration process.

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Tommaso D.

Senior iOS Developer

“It’s a good platform to manage consent and cookie policy. Their support is really good.

Federico F.

Senior iOS Developer

“I tried other similar competitor software to be compliant with GDPR. After 2 years, I put all the different GDPR tools together with iubenda, because iubenda has a complete solution (before, I had different tools to cover different requirements).”

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Content available on iubenda.com and documents generated using the Service are intended for general information purposes only. Although all clauses and provisions inside the generator database have been drafted by a team of highly qualified legal experts and regularly undergo reviews and updates, documents are generated in a fully automated manner and therefore do not constitute or substitute the rendering of legal advice, nor does any assistance and customer support provided by iubenda establish an attorney-client relationship. This is why, despite all efforts in offering the best possible service, iubenda cannot guarantee generated documents to be fully compliant with applicable law. Users should therefore not rely upon documents generated using iubenda without seeking legal advice from an attorney licensed in the relevant jurisdiction(s).