Full Cookie Solution: Analytics and Stats

Our dashboard has been updated to include (  various features and options, including the possibility of viewing detailed stats on the functionning our Full Cookie Solution.

You can access the above in your dashboard by clicking on the “Cookie Solution Analytics” tab between “Generated privacy policies” and “Account info“.

Available features depend on the plan you have chosen: starting from Gold you can see both account overall stats and single website stats. Basic plans only include overall account stats.


Let’s take a detailed look at how these feautres work. By clicking on “Account stats” you will be able to view various graphs. The initial one shows the total number of pageviews for the entire account, which may be useful for a quick understanding of your pageviews over time.

Next is a summary of monthly usage as per your Cookie Solution plan limits.


The second graph in the “Account analytics” page is useful for comparing the pageviews generated by each single website within your account. It can help you understand at a glance which website is impacting more on overall traffic.


The ‘Analytics by site’ tab also allows you to focus on a single website: near the top of the tab you can find a pulldown menu for selecting it.

As you move down the page you will see two graphs: the first one shows the number of pageviews served for this website during last month and is expressed in terms of pageviews, while the other one represents the percentage of consents collected with respect to the overall number of visits.


The following graph shows a summary of all the pageviews served on this website in the last months, divided into categories: consent found, consent not found and new consents collected.


Further on we find the “Consent rate” graph, available both in percentage and pageviews. It can be used to understand how many new consents are given per month (and thus how many users visit your website), and also the ways in which said consent was collected: by scrolling, by clicking on the page, by closing the info banner or by closing the cookie policy popup.



Finally, the last graph shows a detailed analysis of collected consents. Here you can at a glance understand the manner in which the consent was obtained:

    • Scroll: the simplest way
    • Banner closure: by clicking on the [x] at the top right
    • Click: by this we mean clicking on a link or a button inside the page, this can also be understood as a continuation of browsing
    • Closing the cookie policy: by far the least used way to give consent, it consists in viewing the policy linked inside your banner and closing it.


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