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How to Add Services (Video)



Two types of services

  1. all of our third party integrations and their data collection
  2. your own or any other data collection on your site or in your app

To get started you click the blue button in your privacy policy fittingly labeled “Add a service”.


You can then either systematically go through all of our integrations in the list or just filter if you know what you’re looking for.

To add a custom service [your own or any other data collection on your site or in your app] you go to the same “Add a service” settings. In the sidebar you’ll find a “Create custom service” button.


When you have finished adding all of your services (both premade and your custom ones) you can take a look at the preview. You’ll find that everything has been compiled into a single document.

The result

The single document has everything put in its rightful place.


The already existing integrations will be found in the section titled “Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services“.

Any additions you make or want to put special emphasis on will be displayed in the section called “Further information about Personal Data“.


Still have questions?

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