Video Guides

This is a post with some of the videos that will help you understand everything about iubenda.

Video guide 1: Introduction to the Generator

Typing the domain or app name, understanding the languages and international part.


Video guide 2: Add services/clauses

How to get started with the customization of your privacy policy. What is a “service”?


Video guide 3: Add iubenda to site

How do you add the iubenda privacy policy to your site? Why is it hosted on our servers? What are the options?


Video guide 4: Free version vs paid

What do you get for free and what is it iubenda offers for the paid licenses?


Video guide 6: Add 2nd language

How to add a second or more languages. 


Video guide 7: Full Tutorial for the Internal Privacy Management Tool

Detailed guide on how to use the IMP tool. 


Video guide 8: Intro to the Consent Solution

An introductory guide to the Consent Solution. This guide explains what valid records of consent should include, takes a non-technical look at how the solution works and then further explores more technical aspects of the solution.


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