Configuring iubenda for Shopify

How to embed the iubenda privacy/cookie policy and the Cookie Solution into my Shopify e-commerce?

To integrate iubenda on your Shopify site, you must first of all distinguish between the integration of the Privacy Policy (which includes the Cookie Policy), and the integration of the Cookie Solution which manages the banner visuals, the registering of consent, the pre-empitve blocking of cookies etc.

Integration of the privacy and cookie policy

Access Shopify’s theme management panel and click on Customize Theme:

Shopify + iubenda : Customize Theme

This will redirect you to the page that allows you to modify the theme. Click onFooter to access the modification panel:

Shopify + iubenda : Customize Footer

The footer management panel includes a series of boxes in which to include for example links to social networks in which you maintain a presence (Social Media field), contact information (Contact Field) etc.

Although there’s no dedicated field for legal documents, the area used for contact information is just as adequate. You can add the iubenda code we provide you with here, under corporate information, as in the example that follows.

Shopify + iubenda : Customize Contact Information

iubenda cookie solution integration (banner, consent registration and code blocking)

Once you’ve inserted the link to your own privacy policy (which of course also includes your cookie policy if you’ve activated it), you must complete the adaptation by also integrating the iubenda cookie solution to manage the banner visuals, the registering of consent and the preemptive blocking of cookies.

Except for the categories of exempt cookies, Cookie Law includes not only the obligation to set up and show the user a cookie policy, but also to display a brief notice (banner) at the user’s first visit to the site and to block scripts which install (or could install) cookies, until the user has granted consent. We suggest you take a look at the following article (Italian only) for further details on complying with the different categories of cookies.

The HTML needs to be modified in order to include the cookie solution into your website (in this case the source code from the selected Shopify theme).

To complete the insert, you must access the management panel and click on Theme Options and then on HTML/CSS. Please note that in order to be allowed this modification, you must have a paid Shopify plan:

Shopify + iubenda : Customize Edit HTML/CSS

As shown in the image below, once inside the HTML/CSS modification panel, first click on Layout and then on theme.liquid to access the source code page.

At this point, all that needs to be done is to locate the HEAD section and insert the script provided by iubenda before the closing tag:

Shopify + iubenda : Customize Add iubenda codes

This will cause the iubenda cookie banner to appear on the page at each user’s first visit. User consent will be registered via the latter’s continued browsing activity and then memorised so that the cookie solution will not be reactivated on the same user’s next visit.

All the options to customize the visuals as well as the behaviour of the cookie banner are in this guide.

Also remember to set up the blocking of cookies that require user consent by using one of the following methods.

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