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How to use iubenda privacy and cookie policy on a Shopify website

It’s worth mentioning here that one of the strengths of using iubenda’s privacy policy here is the ability to add policies in multiple languages or a language other than English. Remember that generally, under most legislations worldwide, your privacy information must be available in the languages that your site or app is available in order to ensure that your target users can understand.

With that said, let’s go on to the tutorial:

Access your Shopify store’s admin panel and go to “Online Store > Themes”. Once there, click on “Actions” on the right, then “Edit Code” as pictured:

Shopify + iubenda: Customize Theme

This will redirect you to the page that allows you to modify your theme files, please be very careful here. If you’re using a sectioned theme, look under “Sections” and click on “Footer.liquid”.

Shopify theme files: sections

If using an older (pre-2016) non-sectioned theme, click on “theme.liquid” in the Templates directory, and edit in a similar fashion to what’s pictured below.

Shopify + iubenda: Customize Footer

Look for the closing </footer> tag and paste your privacy policy embed code anywhere before it. In the example pictured above, I’ve placed the code between the <div></div> tags, so that it’s inline with the theme’s copyright text.

I’ve also chosen the “No style” option when copying the privacy policy’s embed code, to ensure that I got a text link, instead of the default button.

Next, click “Save” at the top right, check your store to make sure that you like the placement of the link and adjust if needed. And that’s it, you’ve now integrated your iubenda privacy policy with your Shopify site!

Shopify + iubenda: integration success

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