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Can I Keep the Privacy Policy When I Don’t Renew the PRO License?

It is not possible to go on using your paid privacy policy if you don’t renew your Pro subscription.

This doesn’t apply to a free privacy policy. Any privacy policy that was generated under our Basic License will stay free and you can use it on your site.

Why can you not keep using the Pro policy once you’ve stopped paying?

  • the service is constantly being updated by us with the addition of new clauses, changes to obsolete text and additions as per international legislation;
  • websites and apps are “living creatures” that change with time and therefore their privacy policies must be kept up to date; as a matter of fact you can change anything at any time as long as you have your Pro License;
  • last but certainly not least, we offer a self-updating privacy policy written by lawyers that would cost several 100 dollars (and which would not include updates down the road) for free/$27 a year. If you no longer require it, simply allow the license to run out. The reason why the license is so affordable is that we believe that our users will stay with us and receive ongoing benefits.

Our answer to the above query parallels the answer we give to the question “why am I paying on a yearly/monthly basis and not only once“? You can read this answer below:

The yearly/monthly subscription pricing is our way of keeping your costs low, while giving you access to attorney-level quality. Instead of paying a one-off attorney fee of up to thousands of dollars (not to mention legal translation costs), we offer a convenient yearly/monthly payment option.

This is also the reason for our best features: we keep improving the privacy policy behind the scenes and push the changes automatically. We also keep adding new clauses and adapt the text to any changes in privacy laws and regulations.