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Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce stores

Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce stores

You own a WooCommerce store and need a Terms and Conditions agreement but don’t know where to start?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let us start by reviewing why you should have a Terms and Conditions agreementwhat to include with a template example and where to generate your Terms and Conditions agreement. 

Why you should have Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce

Do you want to save time, money, and stress? Yes? 

Then, a strong and understandable Terms and Conditions agreement is needed if you are running a business using WooCommerce. Ultimately, a Terms and Conditions agreement will provide the store’s owner (thats you!) with legal protection. In the case of breaches or product failures, your well-defined Terms and Conditions will limit your legal liability. Not only this, it will give users clear guidelines of what to expect while visiting and using your store. 

Terms and Conditions are ever more important to WooCommerce store as they set out clear payment and shipping terms

Payment and shipping terms include: acceptable payment methods, warranty and withdrawal information, how payments are processed, how long shipping takes and what happens if an order is lost or arrives damaged.


⚠️ Many of these terms, such as warranty and withdrawal information, are legally required.

What to Include in my WooCommerce Terms and Conditions

Of course, you will have a specific Terms and Conditions agreement tailored to your business. However, it is important to note that there are a number of clauses that are needed for every website’s terms and conditions. 

  1. User guidelines that clearly state what is acceptable use while visiting the website
  2. Governing law clause, that state which law governs your Terms and any issues arising from them
  3. The consequences of any abuse on the site

As a WooCommerce store owner it is essential to include in your Terms and Conditions:

  1. Warranty clause, pointing out which products are covered by a warranty
  2. Limitation of liability clause,  clearly devised to display to users what your shop sells
  3. Intellectual property clause, which identifies everything you own and what is classed as user misuse
  4. Payment terms clause, about methods of payments and how payments are processed
  5. Right of withdrawal, the owners and customers right to cancel an order, make exchanges, returns and refunds 
  6. Shipping and delivery information
  7. Any store-specific terms that may apply – here you may choose to add information related to any deals and promotion codes you may offer (unique to your WooCommerce store).

It is imperative you clearly display accurate contact details for your company in your Terms and Conditions agreement.

Generate Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce

Our Terms and Condition Generator is optimized for everything from eCommerce, blogs, and apps, to complex scenarios like marketplace and affiliate scenarios. Read more about it here or start generating your Terms and Conditions below.

How to add iubenda’s T&C to your WooCommerce store

First head over to your iubenda dashboard, click on [Your website] > Terms and Conditions > Embed 

Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce stores
  • Standard embedding for a widget that opens a modal at the footer click on > Add a widget to the footer scroll down to Terms and Conditions and click on > COPY
Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce stores
  • To add a direct link click on > Use a direct link > Terms and Conditions > COPY
Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce stores
  • For direct text embedding (in this case, you need to create an empty page on WooCommerce, and paste our code there. This way the page will be populated with T&C) > Embed the text in the body > Terms and Conditions > COPY
Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce stores
Terms and Conditions for WooCommerce stores