IIS Module and Webroot Config Files

The iubenda web server module allows you to simplify the adaptation of cookie law by automating the blocking of resources that require the prior consent of the user.


The iubenda module requires a general configuration file iubenda_basic.config that allows you to:

  • Manage web server module options
  • Enter the iubenda script’s entry code, which is automatically applied to all pages served by the web server
  • Check the module definitions that determine which codes will be automatically tagged and locked through iubenda

This configuration file contains additional options, which are described directly in this file.

Download the latest version of your configuration file iubenda_basic.config


Module and webroot config files: iispeed-iubenda-2.0.3-ps-

Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder, and run install.cmd with administrative privileges. This will install a HTTP module within IIS.

Note: iispeed.config file has to be placed in webroot folder (one per webserver).

Per-site configuration files:

Included are two configuration files, that have to be placed in site folder:

  • multi/iispeed.config
    This can be used for sites which need more than one iubenda configuration
  • single/iispeed.config
    This can be used for sites which need one iubenda configuration

The iubenda_basic.config file must be then referenced in the above IIS configuration files, e.g.:

pagespeed ThirdPartyBlock C:\Websites\yourwebsite\iubenda_config_basic.config


  • To avoid “Page accelerated by IISpeed – Page Speed optimization by Google for Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET” message, license file should be placed under c:\program files\weamp\iispeed\release folder
  • Ref:
  • In case of 32 bit application pool, license must be put under c:\program files (x86)\weamp\iispeed\release

32/64 bit application

IISpeed will install 2 versions:

  • 32 bits in c:\program files (x86)\weamp\iispeed\release
  • 64 bits in c:\program files\weamp\iispeed\release
  • 32 bits can use the same license .lic file and iispeed.config (but it needs a copy in its own directory)

Note: even if running 64 bits, some IIS installation need .lic file also under the (x86)\weamp\iispeed\release folder (this because sometimes people install 32 bit application pools, and if you have 32 bit dependencies you can still run them on a 64 bits windows os)

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