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5-minute compliance for your website

Who said that compliance needs to be difficult and time-consuming? 

We bet we can make you change your mind. We’ve got some tips and tricks to speed up compliance for your site.

Let’s start the clock! 

compliance for your website

Generate a privacy policy

The first step is having a detailed and clear privacy policy for your website. 

Disclose your contact details, tell your users what rights they have, inform them of the services you’re using and if there are third parties involved. 

You don’t know which services to add?

It’s easier with a Site Scanner: scan your website and receive customized advice!

Get a cookie banner & block cookies before consent

Most likely, your website is using cookies. This means that you need a cookie banner, a cookie policy, and block cookies before you collect consent

It could seem like a lot, but it’s easier than you think:

  • if you already have a privacy policy, then the cookie policy can be a specific section dedicated to cookies within that same document (though be sure to include the necessary details);
  • to create a cookie banner, you can rely on tools that allow you to set it up automatically. But be careful! The law requires you to also block cookies and similar scripts from running on your site until you get consent. Tools like our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution can help you to do this automatically.

Lastly, make sure you’re collecting VALID consent

Under laws like the GDPR and the LGPD, you need to prove that the consents you’ve collected is valid. 

Without these consent proofs, the consent you collect may be considered invalid. Meaning you could face sanctions like being blocked from the data you collected (e.g your mailing list). And you could even be exposed to fines!

Make sure to rely on a tool that helps you record every aspect of consent. This will save you a lot of time.

📌 Ok, but how many tools do I need? 

Just one

iubenda’s set of solutions can help you achieving online compliance, in minutes. 

  • Generate your privacy and cookie policy with our Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator. The built-in Site Scanner will help you create a detailed and complete document. 
  • Create your cookie banner with the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution. The automatic configuration based on location will make it all easier (and quicker). 
  • Record your consents with the Consent Database. All the details you need, just one dashboard. 
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