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How to identify the cookies your site installs in browsers

To properly disclose which cookies your site installs in your visitors’ browsers you need to first identify them. It’s a little tricky and therefore we’ve made this short guide for finding those cookies by browsing your site.

For the purposes of this guide we’ve used Google’s Chrome browser since it’s widely available and reasonably cross-platform, too. If you don’t have Chrome you can easily install it from Google, or follow a similar process in other browsers (that will however not match the process outlined below).

1st Step – open Chrome’s preferences



Access Chrome’s preferences pane from the menu bar (on Mac in this screenshot).

Privacy – content settings



Access the content settings from the privacy section. You’ll find it more easily by doing a search (that’s what causes the yellow cookie highlights in the screenshots).




Access the cookies and site data section by clicking on “All cookies and site data”.

Find your site



In this step, type in your site and wait for it to come up. Select it.




By selecting your site you’ll find the cookies that are installed by your site. These are loaded via/from your site. In the case pictured above, only 2 cookies are served directly from the iubenda application (two session cookies), the other ones originate at Kiss Metrics for example.

If you don’t know which ones belong to you, you will need to speak with your developer.

Alternative option


People who are used to working with developer tools will find it easier to simply access the list of cookies via the browser > Inspect Element > Resources > Cookies.

Other browsers: where to find information about controlling cookies

Internet Explorer





How to add a cookie policy to your privacy policy

In order to actually add the cookie policy to your privacy policy you’ll have to use our cookie policy assistant. You’ll find the info in this guide about our cookie policy.

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