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Cookie banner – Do you need one and how can you get a cookie notice for your website?

What is a cookie banner? What should a cookie notice include? Who needs a cookie consent banner? In this post, we’ll answer these questions, look at a cookie banner example and show you how you can add a GDPR consent banner to your site.

What is a cookie banner?

A cookie consent banner is the cookie notice that is shown on websites and some apps on the user’s first visit. The cookie alert is meant to inform users of any cookies that could be on the site, their rights in that regard, and to ask for the user’s consent to run those cookies in the first place. Having an accurate cookie banner, cookie policy and blocking cookies before consent are all requirements under the ePrivacy (Cookie Law) and GDPR.

What should a cookie notice include?

The cookie notice must:

  • briefly explain the purpose of the installation of cookies that the site uses;
  • clearly state which action will signify consent;
  • be sufficiently noticeable;
  • link to a cookie policy or make details of the categories of cookies, cookie purposes, usage, and related third-party activity, available.

Who needs a cookie consent banner?

Any site or app running non-exempt cookies or scripts that could either:

  • have EU based users (i.e any website running cookies that isn’t actively blocking EU based users);
  • or any website or app belonging to an EU-based entity (company, sole trader, public institution etc.) whether or not their users are based in the EU.

If you’re doing business in California or you’re targeting California-based users, you should comply with the CCPA requirement of informing your users of any selling activity and allow them to opt-out. This means that you should display a notice of collection and a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” (DNSMPI) link. Learn more here.

Cookie Banner Example

The banner below is an example of a compliant cookie notice – once implemented in accordance with the law. Remember that cookie notices are just one part of the cookie consent management requirements of the Cookie Law and GDPR. In order to be fully compliant, you must also link to an accurate cookie policy and block cookies prior to user consent.

Cookie banner example

Cookie Banner Generator

Create your own EU cookie consent banner for free by using the generator below.

Generate a cookie banner

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