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Configuring iubenda on Jimdo

How do I integrate the iubenda privacy/cookie policy and the cookie solution into my Jimdo site?

We must first distinguish between the integration of the privacy policy, which also contains the cookie policy, and the integration of the the cookie solution which manages the banner visuals, the registering of consent, the preemptive blocking of cookies and so on.

integration of the privacy and cookie policy

Start by accessing the admin dashboard of your Jimbo site then click “Settings” in the task bar to the right; then select the “Footer Management”:

Configurare iubenda su Jimdo

On the the next screen, you will have to paste your policy’s embedding code as shown in the example below:

Configurare iubenda su Jimdo

Your embedding code can be found in your iubenda account through your privacy policy’s integration tab. Consult the adding iubenda to your site guide for more details.

A link to your privacy/cookie policy will now appear in the footer on all the pages of your Jimdo site.

Configurare iubenda su Jimdo

Integration of the iubenda cookie solution (banner, registering of consent and script blocking)

Once you’ve integrated this link (which of course also includes the cookie policy if you’ve activated it, you must complete the configuration by also embedding the iubenda cookie solution to manage the banner visuals, the registering of consent and the preemptive blocking of script.

Except for certain cookies in categories which are exempt, Cookie Law also requires that a cookie policy be set up and show to the user, that the user be shown a brief notice (banner) the first time they access the site and that the script that installs or could install cookie before consent can be obtained. We suggest you read the following article (italian only) for further information.

To configure the iubenda cookie solution you must modify the HEAD of your Jimdo site. To do so, you first need to access the “Settings” panel, and then click on “Modify head”:

Configurare iubenda su Jimdo

On the screen that follows, you will need to copy paste the iubenda cookie solution code in the “Modify head” section:

Configurare iubenda su Jimdo

This code is available under the “Integration” tab of your privacy policy once you have activated the cookie policy. The iubenda cookie banner will now automatically appear at each user’s first visit. User consent is obtained through the latter’s continued browsing and this preference will be memorised so that the iubenda cookie solution banner will not be triggered at the same user’s next visit.

Configurare iubenda su Jimdo

All available options to customise the the cookie banner’s style and behaviour are described in this guide.

You must also remember to set up the blocking of scripts which require prior consent to be obtain from the user, by using one of the methods outlined in this article.

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