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Don’t make this 1 mistake in your privacy policy

Need a privacy policy? Perhaps you already have one but are not sure if it’s compliant. Keep reading, this short article contains essential information for you.

mistake privacy policy

Don’t make this one common mistake ❌

Writing a privacy policy is not easy:

  1. It requires legal knowledge, of course, and technical skills for installing it on your site. Remember that the document should always be visible, accessible, and easy to understand.
  2. On top of that, the amount of information required can seem quite overwhelming. See here to get an overall idea.
  3. Finally, it has to be up-to-date and complete! And that’s a common mistake people make.

🔍 Did you know you must disclose all the technologies that run on your site and collect personal data? Remember that even a cookie is considered personal data!

How do I fix this? ✅

This is kind of a tedious job, we get it. But it’s required by law.

Here are a few options you can choose from:

  • Reach out to your web developer and figure out all the technologies running and collecting data on your site;
  • Use the Chrome function to detect the cookies your website installs;
  • Sign up with iubenda and automatically scan your website to receive a list of the elements you need to declare in your privacy policy. Install your document in minutes using our Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator!

Scan your website now with iubenda and find out what to include in your privacy policy:

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