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Is your e-commerce ready for Black Friday?

Your Black Friday Checklist ✅
Is your e-commerce ready for Black Friday?

Our legal team has prepared some Pro Tips
to help you keep yourself and your revenue protected this holiday shopping season.

We hope your Black Friday is successful!

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How to: present your discounts correctly

Avoid labeling a discount as “limited” if it is not the case

Avoid raising the price of a product for a short time, then lowering the price and stating that the product is discounted; this could be considered deceptive pricing

✅ If you choose to state that other merchants offer the same product for higher prices, make sure to base this statement on facts, so you refrain from fictitious or misleading practices

How to: get your Terms & Conditions right

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Customize, customize, customize – copy/pasting from a template is easy, but the resulting document won’t reflect your specific business processes and model

Display your Terms & Conditions everywhere on your site – otherwise, your customers may not acknowledge them

Define your delivery terms and return policy – so you can effectively deal with an avalanche of orders and returns and protect yourself from unreasonable demands

Make sure your document includes clauses about the limitation or exclusion of liability – so you avoid being held liable by those over-demanding customers

Add any mandatory disclosures applying to certain types of transactions/activities – your state may have specific requirements regarding those

Will your Terms & Conditions protect your e-commerce this Black Friday?

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