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Is your e-commerce ready for Black Friday?

Your Black Friday Checklist ✅
Is your e-commerce ready for Black Friday?

Our legal team has prepared some Pro Tips
to help you keep yourself and your revenue protected this holiday shopping season.

We hope your Black Friday is successful!

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How to: present your discounts correctly

Be transparent! Indicate discounted product prices clearly enough so consumers can easily compare similar products and make informed choices

✅ The discounted price must include all taxes and delivery charges

You must indicate the lowest price applied to the product at least 30 days before the announcement of a discount; this is an EU requirement to reduce misleading price reduction claims

How to: get your Terms & Conditions right

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Customize, customize, customize – copy/pasting from a template is easy, but the resulting document won’t reflect your specific business processes and model

Display your Terms & Conditions everywhere on your site – so your customers can easily acknowledge them

Explicitly state the standard 14-day return policy – otherwise, your customers could get an extended return period of 1 year and 14 days

Explicitly state the standard 2-year warranty period – otherwise, your customers could claim, say, a 10-year warranty

Don’t forget the Online Dispute Resolution clause – it can help you resolve any disputes that may arise between you and your customers

Will your Terms & Conditions protect your e-commerce this Black Friday?

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