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Compliance solutions to help you stay up-to-date and compliant with CPRA. Get started today.


Make your site compliant with the U.S. Privacy Laws

Choose the 360° privacy solution backed by an international team of expert lawyers. Simplify compliance with the requirements of U.S. State Laws like the CCPA, including the subsequent amendments introduced by the CPRA.


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What is the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)?

CPRA builds on the CCPA’s existing provisions, enriches consumer rights, and adds new requirements for companies that process personal data. If your business violates the provisions of the Act you will be subject to civil penalties of up to $7,500 for each violation.

Is my site or App Compliant?

Compliance Checklist

Provide users with a Privacy Policy including specific details. For example, you now need to disclose some additional information, such as new users’ rights and describe your data processing practices.

Enable users to opt-out of the processing for certain purposes (sale, targeted advertising and sharing, among others).

Show users the required notice at collection to inform them about the categories of personal information that are collected, the purposes of collection, and whether this information is sold or shared.

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How can iubenda help you Comply?

We help make your site or app compliant in minutes.

Our solutions are backed by our international team of expert lawyers.

Get a CPRA-compliant Privacy Policy, customizable based on 1800+ clauses and available in 11 languages.

Add a Privacy Controls widget to your site allowing California users to opt-out from processing.

Among the few providers compatible with GPP & GPC, making it easier to honor these opt-out requests.

Automatically store user preferences and document CPRA opt-outs.


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Starting at $5.99/month for an auto-updating Privacy Policy. Plus, get our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution free for up to 25K page views/month.

Not doing business in California?

iubenda’s 360° solutions help you comply with existing & upcoming U.S. privacy laws and regulations, in California and more, as well as with GDPR in Europe, LGPD in Brazil, and many others.

Is Iubenda for me?

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iubenda provides an easy way to generate privacy policy to comply with all international privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, etc. Plus, once you generate privacy policy you can easily keep it updated as things change. iubenda stays on top of the laws around the world, so they adjust and add more stuff to help users comply with new laws.

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Like many when you’re building a mobile and web application development business you need to get things moving quickly and without hassle. iubenda offers that and simplifies the legal matters.

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