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Introducing New and Simplified Pricing Structure

iubenda has always been about making compliance simple, but our pricing had grown very complex over time. That’s why we have revamped our pricing structure, making it much simpler by moving to a site-based model.

In a nutshell, just pick a plan for each site you manage depending on the features you need!

How Does This Affect You?

Nothing changes to your current active plans. They will keep renewing at the old prices, and no action is required from you.

The only change is for new purchases or upgrades, for which – starting from mid-September – our new and simpler pricing will apply.

New Pricing vs. Old Pricing: See What’s Changed

The change in pricing is designed to introduce more flexibility, transparency, and user-friendliness. Here’s a sneak peek into what to expect:

  • Value-driven Packages: New plans now offer a mix of products and features to cater to diverse compliance needs.
  • Consent Database Inclusion: All paid plans incorporate the Consent Database product with a flexible pay-as-you-go option.
  • Uninterrupted Cookie Compliance: Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution remain active even if the monthly usage of the plan is exceeded, with minimal extra charges.
  • Transparent Metrics: A clear view of site-specific usage metrics will be available, helping users understand consumption and adjust plans as needed.

Main changes from the old to new subscription plans:

Legacy Pricing Model New Pricing Plans
Pricing Plan setup We offered licenses and a subscription model per account. We now offer plans per website, not per account. We no longer offer licenses for an account. Instead, each website needs to be on a paid or free package to be considered active.
Products Based on the product you used, we offered single and multi licenses. For our subscription model, we offered a flat rate that applied to the Consent Database + Register of Data Processing Activities and a usage-based package that applied to the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution. Our plans are now based on a combination of different products and features giving you a 360-degree compliance setup.
Consent Database Using the Consent Database was separate from the cost associated with your account and license slots. The Consent Database product is offered on all our paid plans starting with an extra charge of 5€ per month.
Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution After reaching the limit of your account pageviews, the legally required cookie-blocking mechanism would no longer function. You would be alerted within your dashboard when you were about to cross this threshold – giving you the option to choose the right plan that best applied to your site’s monthly traffic. Paid plans now come with Extra Usage for the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution. This means, if you exceed your plan’s fixed monthly usage, you will be charged an amount for the extra usage and the product will remain active on your site. You no longer have to worry about the product deactivating!
Free Products / Plans Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator: Our free license offered one privacy policy – for websites only – with a maximum of 4 (non-pro) services and no cookie policy. Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution: FREE up to 25K pageviews/month. Within our Free plan, you can access the Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator with thousands of ready-made clauses, each with its mapping of cookies and trackers. Legal documents autofill based on the characteristics of your site or app. Legal documents are updated as the law or requirements change. Interested in our Free plan? Find out more about the Free plan and its limitations here →
Usage metrics For the PRO plan, the consumption was determined by the number of pageviews related to the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution. Meanwhile, the ULTRA plan based its usage on both the license type and the overall account level. Usage metrics based on your current consumption and plan are now shown for each website.

Any doubts? Get in touch with our customer support team if you need clarification about this new pricing structure.