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Is your website really GDPR compliant?

The Simple Solution for Compliance Worries

Our Site Scanner was built by an international team of expert developers and legal pros. It hunts down compliance issues on any website and tells you exactly how we can help fix them.

Scan Your Site

Boost your site’s compliance score in three easy steps


Type in any URL, and with just a click, the scanner will comb through your site’s text and code to compare what you’re doing to legal requirements around the globe. For instance, the cookie scanner specifically identifies how your site handles cookies, ensuring alignment with privacy standards.


In seconds, get a detailed compliance report sent directly to your inbox, including how to tackle any problems we find.

Take Action

View in-depth explanations alongside all the resources you need to plan your next steps. Follow the included links, and be matched to the perfect iubenda tool to address each issue we uncover.

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Don’t risk hefty fines

Scan your site with iubenda, discover our powerful solutions, and take action to fix problems instantly.

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