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Meet the latest cookie requirements (and more!)

with the Cookie and Consent Preference Log

What are the latest requirements?

Many Data Protection Authorities across Europe (including the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, and more) have aligned their rules on cookies and trackers with the requirements of the GDPR and explicitly require you to document your users’ preferences for the use of cookies. This is because cookies may process personal data, and record-keeping requirements arising from the GDPR apply.

What does this mean for me?

It means that you need to keep records of the cookie preferences your users set when they visit your site.

In my case, do I really need it?

If you have a cookie banner, you do.

Failure to comply means that the cookie consents you do capture will be considered invalid in the eyes of the law, and you may be at risk for sanctions.

How can I comply?

It’s easy: Activate the Cookie and Consent Preference Log in the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, now included up to 25,000 pageviews per month in our new Essentials plan.

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  • Generate a Cookie Policy that you can easily connect to your cookie banner or notice.
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Frequently asked questions on the Cookie and Consent Preference Log

The Cookie and Consent Preference Log allows you to create records of your users’ cookie consent preferences when they visit your site. You need this feature to align with the requirements of most Data Protection Authorities across Europe (including the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, and more).

Yes, the Essentials plan includes the Cookie and Consent Preference Log with up to 25,000 pageviews per month. If you need more, you can either leverage Extra Usage, which allows the product to continue working with an extra charge after you reach the limit of use for your plan, or upgrade to a bigger plan. Please see the pricing page for more details.

Yes, if your website installs non-exempt cookies and European users visit it, you need to keep valid records of your users’ cookie preferences.

In other words, regardless of the number of monthly pageviews, you need to store a cookie and consent preference log if you have a cookie banner.

No, the Consent Database collects and stores proof of consent specifically for online and offline forms, and requires some setup.

The Cookie and Consent Preference Log, however, is a fully automated feature of the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, our solution for managing consent preferences for cookies, trackers and similar technologies.

The Cookie and Consent Preference Log solves this problem – without the need for a dedicated configuration. For each consent given, we collect:

  • a string of 6 random hexadecimal characters and the timestamp to uniquely identify a specific consent and the time at which it was given
  • the user’s IP address

This way, the consent is collected via the string of 6 hexadecimal characters and the IP address is uniquely linked to a specific user. If necessary, the DPA may:

  • examine the user’s browser and compare it with the unique record in your logs (verifying proof)
  • use the IP address to cross-check and verify the information